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Rock Bathroom Warranty Policy

Please carefully review the following Terms & Conditions of Sale, as they constitute a binding agreement for the provision of products and services by Rock Bathroom (Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd) to you. These terms apply to all transactions, whether conducted in person or through our website, and we appreciate your choice in selecting our products and services.


These Terms and Conditions (Terms) constitute the binding agreement governing transactions and are subject to periodic amendments or replacements. Any other conditions, warranties, or representations (including those implied by law) are expressly excluded and nullified.


1.1 Upon payment of a deposit or full payment for a product, a binding agreement is established between you and us.

1.2 Cancellation of orders is permitted with a full refund if notice is provided at least 3 business days before the scheduled delivery date, subject to these Terms and Conditions of Sale. Indent and special orders cannot be canceled once processed by Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd.

1.3 While our Sales Team ensures accuracy in representing stock availability based on current levels, if we are unable to fulfill your ordered product for any reason, we will promptly inform you. You can choose to amend, cancel, or place the order on backorder as mutually agreed. For backorders, we will coordinate delivery once the product becomes available.

1.4 Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd retains the right to implement minor modifications in specifications, designs, or materials without prior notice, as deemed necessary.


2.1 Product prices are as stated in the Company’s published price list, inclusive of GST, and may be subject to change without prior notice.

2.2 Customer accounts are on a cash basis until credit application approval.

2.3 For accounts with credit terms, payment is due strictly within 30 days from the invoice date of goods delivery. Failure to make timely payments will result in a finance charge of 1% per month on the order value.

2.4 In cases of non-payment for any due invoice, Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd reserves the right to enter the customer’s premises to retrieve unpaid goods. The customer is responsible for reimbursing Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd for all costs and disbursements incurred in the debt recovery process, including legal and collection agency fees.

2.5 If the customer breaches any obligation or incurs a debt, Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd may suspend or terminate the supply of products or services and any other commitments outlined in these Terms and Conditions of Sale.


3.1 You can specify a preferred delivery date, and we will make efforts to accommodate it. If the preferred day is not feasible, we will promptly contact you to arrange an alternative date. Delivery dates are estimates, and Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from failure to deliver on the estimated date.

3.2 To modify a delivery date or address, please contact our Customer Service Team at least 48 hours before the scheduled delivery. Failure to be available on the agreed delivery date may incur storage and/or re-delivery fees.

3.3 Acceptance of possession is indicated by signing the delivery order presented by our Delivery Driver or appointed logistics company.

3.4 The buyer is responsible for insuring goods in transit.

3.5 If you request leaving products outside for collection or delivering to an unattended location, this arrangement is at your sole risk, and ensuring adequate insurance for the products becomes your responsibility.


4.1 Upon delivery, the customer must inspect the products and inform us within 24 hours of any defects, quantity shortages, damage, or deviations from the description or order.

4.2 If the customer believes the products are defective, they must provide photographic evidence within a reasonable time for Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd to inspect. Failure to comply implies that the products are considered free from defects or damage.

4.3 In cases of agreed-upon defective products, Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd’s liability is limited to either replacing or repairing the products, or issuing a refund for the purchase price, as stipulated in written agreement.


5.1 The acceptance of returned products is solely at the discretion of Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd. Typically, products are collected within 3 days, and the collection costs are organized as specified below, provided that:

(a) Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd has agreed in writing to accept the return;

(b) The products are returned at the customer’s cost within 7 days of the delivery date, or at a collection cost of $50 or more if the delivery fee exceeded $50;

(c) The returned products are in the original condition, i.e., boxed, unopened, and with all packaging materials, brochures, and instruction materials; and

(d) Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd is not responsible for products that have not been stored or used properly.

5.2 If a repair is reasonably feasible to restore the products to their original condition, the customer is responsible for the repair cost. However, Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd may, at its discretion, offer a refund for the original product.

5.3 If a repair is not reasonably viable, no refund will be provided to the customer, and they remain liable for the full cost of the products.

5.4 Refunds for returned products will be issued in the same manner as the original purchase.

5.5 Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd will not accept returns if there has been an attempt to install or use the products.


6.1 Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel any contract governed by these terms and conditions or terminate the delivery of products at any time, with written notice to the customer. Upon cancellation notice, any sums paid by the customer will be refunded.

6.2 If the customer cancels the delivery of products, they are responsible for any losses incurred by Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd up to the point of cancellation.


7.1 Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd provides warranty terms that go beyond the standard requirements. Various product types have distinct warranty periods and conditions. This warranty guide applies to products utilized in domestic residential buildings. For commercial warranty terms, please get in touch with your sales representative.

7.2 Warranty period for products is mentioned in product description.

7.3 This warranty provides additional benefits beyond any rights and remedies you may have under the law related to the goods covered by the warranty. In the event of a major failure, you are entitled to a replacement or refund, along with compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.

7.4 Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd will not entertain claims under this warranty if the following conditions are found to be true: (a) Plumbing installations were not performed by a licensed plumber or do not comply with the Plumbing Code of Australia AS3500 and ABCB guidelines; (b) The goods were installed by a licensed plumber but not correctly installed; (c) Correct installation by a licensed plumber has occurred, but subsequent repairs, modifications, and/or adjustments after installation were not conducted by a licensed plumber; (d) Claims against faulty cistern valves and seals will be rejected if aftermarket sanitizing additives have been introduced into the toilet cistern tank instead of the toilet bowl; (e) Claims for visual defects to product surfaces may be rejected if harsh cleaning or scouring products were used; (f) Claims against vitreous china products for faulty dimensions or glazing imperfections (within AS1976 – Vitreous China used in Sanitary Applications) may be rejected. It is permitted that vitreous china products may vary up to +/- 5mm on any surface due to the unique conditions of the product’s manufacturing process; (g) Removal or illegibility of the brand name, rating plate, serial number, or other product details; (h) Damage due to misuse, abuse, accident, or lack of care; (i) Damage caused by a foreign object or use for purposes other than intended; (j) Repairs made or attempted by the purchaser; (k) Fair wear and tear, accidents, or acts of God; (l) Inability to provide proof of purchase, including the purchase date and installation details.

7.5 In the event of a product replacement within the warranty period, the warranty for the new product will be based on the original invoice date.

7.6 Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd assumes no liability under this warranty for any costs, consequential damage, or economic loss, whether direct or indirect, to any person or property resulting from the breakdown or failure of these products or any part thereof. No responsibility is implied or accepted beyond the replacement value of the products.

7.7 A call-out fee of $150 plus GST will be charged for a service call under the following circumstances: (a) The registered service call was made, and the customer was not present at the agreed address; (b) The products were not installed in accordance with manufacturer guidelines; (c) The products have been tampered with or obstructed in any way to conceal a malfunction or deliberate act; (d) No fault is found in the inspected products.

7.8 Certain claims may involve rectification of water damage to surrounding areas due to product leakage. Such claims necessitate a site visit by a Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd representative for assessment. Additionally, an inspection by an insurance representative may be required before determining a claim.

7.9 This warranty is provided solely by Rock Bathroom Pty Ltd, and no other person or organization is authorized to alter its provisions and conditions.

Note: It is the responsibility of the installer/consumer to ensure:

  1. The product has all its components.
  2. The product is undamaged before installation.
  3. Satisfaction with the purchase.
  4. Required maintenance is performed.