Upgrade Your Bathroom with Top-Quality Toilets: Essential Tips and Options

Many Australian homeowners, especially those purchasing older apartments or houses, often prioritize replacing the toilet as a top renovation task! A toilet must not only complement the bathroom’s decor but also deliver practicality. Here are essential tips and considerations for selecting the right toilet

1️⃣ Rimless Design

Traditional toilets feature interior grooves that can harbor and grime, posing challenges for cleaning with a standard toilet brush [disappointed]. Rimless designs eliminate these corners, facilitating easier and more hygienic cleaning .

2️⃣ S Trap vs. P Trap

When choosing a toilet, you’ll often encounter these two options, which can be confusing for many. A P trap has a drainage pipe shaped like a “P,” extending downward to connect to the wall without requiring precise measurement. An S trap forms an “S” shape, extending downward and connecting to the floor’s sewer line, necessitating measurement of the rough-in distance.

3️⃣ Quiet Flush and Soft Close Lid

Nighttime visits to the bathroom can inadvertently disturb household members. Opt for models equipped with quiet flush mechanisms and soft close lids to minimize noise, ensuring peace of mind even in smaller living spaces.

4️⃣ Wall-Hung vs. Floor-Pan

Wall-hung toilets offer aesthetic appeal and space-saving benefits but should not be mounted on load-bearing walls. Consider the installation height and pipe positioning to prevent flushing issues. Floor-pan, on the other hand, provide ease of maintenance and affordability.

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