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JOMOO Round Matt Black Twin Head Shower System


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JOMOO 37309-627/DB-1 Shower Shower includes: 1 shower head with adjustable hot and cold shower arm, 1 shower bar, 1 shower arm, 1 large shower bowl and attached screws.

JOMOO 37309-627/DB-1 Hot and Cold Shower has material: copper: 70%, zinc: 27%, other ingredients: 3% (Pb, Fe, Sn, Al, Ni, Sb, Cr). The high copper ratio is always smooth and stable against the impact of temperature and water source, water pressure… Guaranteed durability up to 7-10 years during use.

The body of the JOMOO 37309-627/DB-1 Invisible Shower Body is made of black plated copper. PVC hose hose is anti-twist and resistant to high water pressure. CITEC water divider core valve has opening and closing cycle up to 500,000 times, fast, standard and accurate temperature adjustment

Main Lotus Bowl Using technology that automatically cleans after use (When the water pressure is cut off, the cleaning needles automatically push out all the dirt in the shower bowl)

The components of the faucet foot, the shower hose, the shower cap, the positioning screw, the shower foot screw …. are made of copper that is durable over time, avoiding corrosion by water and solvents in the water such as acids, iron, dust

The flexible rubber ring helps to prevent the faucet from leaking before any external impact. Rubber rings are soaked in specialized grease and preservatives to avoid the penetration of catalysts to ensure that the rubber always ensures elasticity and durability.
Water pressure: 0.05MPa ~ 0.75MPa



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